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Rear: Derek Chapman, A Shankland, K Prendergast, G Osborne , L Drinkwater, Charlie Gorman, Joe Templeton.
Seated: Malcolm Burt, R Smith, J Parrish, David Currie, Ian Gibson, D Coup, Wilson.

Ngaruawahia High School Yearbook Report.

This year Association Football attracted some 60 players. The game has been played since the school opened 3 years ago, and has gone from strength to strength. Two teams participated in nthe Saturday competitions this year, coach by Mr Templeton, Mr Chapman and Mr Rendle. School games were played against Huntly, Melville, Waitara, Te Aroha and Raglan.

The one field at school did not stand up to the weather very well, and was wet and muddy for almost every game.

Successes this year indicated that, with increased numbers next year, the teams could build into powerful units.