Amen to 2017 . . .

The 2017 playing season wrapped up with a 3-5 loss to Waikato Unicol. The visiting team that turned up to play us on the weekend was a far cry from the one we met away in round 1.

The Unicol defense was sound and effective and they netted in the 25th minute after sustained pressure on our defensive line. With several of our regular squad not available the Narra lads were unable to gel sufficiently to give undue worry to Unicol despite a hat-trick by Hamish Marsh.

Our final three games were broken up with three byes as knockout matches had disrupted the flow of the competition. Many of us cannot understand why the KO competition cannot be added onto the end of the league season. The ridiculous length of the Waikato A season enabled many clubs the opportunity to bring into their team players of higher grades whose competitions had ended well beforehand. Perhaps there are reasons unknown to our club, and known only to the WaiBoP administrators,  that made it needful to have such an interrupted run of games over the last six weeks.

Second place in the Waikato A competition with three losses, the last two (Melville & Unicol) being played against teams whose players either showed a remarkable advancement in skills or were “imported”, was not too bad for our collection of Old Boys.